The Passage of Proposition D
In November 2004 a five-year trial of the Strong Mayor system of government was approved by voters and initiated on January 1, 2006. Previously, a City Manager form of government made decisions regarding the City of San Diego. In the City manager form, the City Council held more power with a mayor whose role resembled that of a CEO on a board of directors.

With the passage of Proposition D in the June 2010 Primary, the Strong Mayor form of government became permanent. As a result, a ninth council district has been established. With the use of collected 2010 Census data, a citizen Redistricting Commission will redraw the district boundaries of San Diego.

Redistricting Information

Each census year –every ten years, a Redistricting Commission is established to undertake the drawing of district boundaries within the City. The Commission has no longer than nine months to redraw these boundaries after the Census information is reported. Districts provide important functions for the City, including electing all Council members and providing fair representation of each area’s population. Click Here for the Official San Diego Redistricting Commission Website

Appointments to the Commission

Members of the Redistricting Commission are appointed by the Appointing Authority, a panel of three retired Superior Court judges, as provided for in City Charter section 5.1. Appointments are made after the Appointing Authority reviews the nominations and applications submitted by local candidates.

Appointing Authority members for the 2010 Redistricting Commission are:
Hon. William Howatt (Ret.)
Hon. Patricia Cowett (Ret.)
Hon. Jim Milliken (Ret.).

Requirements for Appointment
All potential appointees must be a registered voter of the City of San Diego and possess a high degree of competency in order to perform the demanding responsibilities of the Redistricting Commission. The composition of the Commission requires that candidates provide the panel with diverse geographic, social, and ethnic representation. It is also recommended that candidates have demonstrated their ability to serve with impartiality in a non-partisan role.

Represent Our Community!
The public hearing to appoint the seven-member Redistricting Commission for the year 2010 in the City of San Diego will begin Friday, October 1, 2010, in the City Council Chambers, 12th floor, 202 C Street, at 9:00 a.m. The hearing will likely last into the afternoon.

The hearing will be open to the public and public comment will be heard. Attendees will have the opportunity to testify in support or opposition to any applicants.

Please attend the public hearing! Protect the integrity and ensure fair representation of the common interests of the diverse Asian and Pacific American community in the district through the San Diego’s redistricting process of 2010.

Asian & Pacific American Coalition has endorsed the following candidates:
Rolando Ilagan Centeno
Anisha Dalal
Joon Soo Han
Juanita Santos-Nacu

Appointing Authority members for the 2000 Redistricting Commission were:
Hon. William L. Todd, Jr.
Hon. Anthony C. Joseph
Hon. Franklin B. Orfield

Redistricting Commission Members of 2001:
Chairman Ralph R. Pesqueira
Vice Chairman Leland T. Saito
Mateo R. Camarillo
Charles W. Johnson
Marichu G. Magaña
Shirley ODell
Juan Antonio Ulloa

You can find the 2000 Redistricting Commission Final Report and Recommendations on-line at this link: