SAN DIEGO – The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), a civic organization that has been prominently involved in the local redistricting process, has released the following statement on the eve of the final hearing of the San Diego City Redistricting Commission:

“APAC respects the final map drawn by the San Diego City Redistricting Commission, which is now in the final approval process. We applaud the Commissioners for taking a historic step in the right direction. The first Asian-influenced council district (District 6) has been created, providing new opportunities for political representation for the more than 202,000 Asians & Pacific Islanders that live in the City of San Diego. After more than 40 years of waiting, APAC is eager to see the return of Asian-American representatives to San Diego City Hall.”

“Though APAC appreciates the sincerity and hard work of the Redistricting Commission, the political empowerment of the API community in San Diego remains incomplete. One of the primary goals of APAC in the redistricting process was the unification of Rancho Penasquitos and Mira Mesa under one city council district. This goal was only partially achieved, as the new District 6 combines Mira Mesa with less than 25% of Rancho Penasquitos. APAC is disappointed in this decision, but is determined to complete the task in ten years, when the next round of redistricting will begin.”

“APAC would also like to thank our legal team for their guidance throughout this process. Additionally, we acknowledge the encouragement and offers of support from other redistricting advocates, including principal members of the ‘Communities in Unity’ map proposal.”

“After more than a year of advocacy, late night meetings and numerous rallies and events, APAC is mostly satisfied with the result of the San Diego City redistricting process. Through it all, we experienced democracy at work. We are particularly encouraged by the numerous young Asian-Americans who volunteered and participated throughout the process. APAC looks forward to seeing the next generation of leaders rise in San Diego. APAC is also eager to work with Rancho Penasquitos residents to bring their community together in the months ahead.”