Empowering San Diego’s Asian Pacific Community

Dear Community Leaders and Concerned Residents,

Thank you for standing with us in our quest to ensure that Asian and Pacific Americans receive the same equal rights of representation and protection of voting rights as outlined in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 during the current San Diego City redistricting process.

As reported to you at our “United We Stand” rally, APAC has made tremendous progress to date.

From the beginning, APAC has participated in this redistricting process with clear objectives, and made a sincere effort to engage the Redistricting Commission with facts, ideas, and transparency. We have put forth map proposals, posted them online, and solicited input from the public. We have sought to foster greater dialogue, and a spirit of cooperation among the diverse groups and communities that have come before the Commission.

APAC is passionate about the redistricting process, because historically it has been the key to advancing political empowerment for the API community in the United States. This is why we have been clear about our objectives for the new city district map:

  • One – Create a new council district in the north city area, the area that has seen the highest amount of population growth over the last decade;
  • Two – Create a new council district that unites Mira Mesa, Rancho Penasquitos and TorreyHighlands as a community of interest, incorporates Miramar Base and Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa, as well as north University City;
  • Three – Create a new council district that has a significantly higher API population than the status quo;
  • Four – Preserve the current council district numbering sequence, and granting the new council district the number nine.

You can download the APAC map at www.apacsd.org.

There are five easy ways to show your support to APAC’s effort for fair redistricting and representation:

1. Email the Redistricting Commission:  redistricting_2010@sandiego.gov
2. Call the Redistricting Commission:  619-533-3060
3.  Send a Petition Letter in support of APAC’s map to: Members of the Redistricting

Commission, 1010 Second Ave., Suite 1060, San Diego, CA  92101

4. Attend the upcoming Redistricting Commission meetings:
ThursdayJune 9, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. Please note the location of this meeting is the

Metro Operations Center (MOC) II Auditorium, 9192 Topaz Way, San Diego,

California, 92123
 or Thursday, June 16 @ 4:00 PM

City Administration Building, Committee Room, 12th floor

For complete schedule of the meeting dates, times and locations, visit:


5. Make your donation to APAC

Check payable to APAC and mail to: PO Box 261243, San Diego, CA 92196

APAC is eager to see the next step of the redistricting process unfold. Let us build our momentum by working together and standing with us until we achieve our goal of the creation of an Asian and Pacific American influenced Council District.

This has been a long journey for us. Together, we are making history!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Allen Chan, Mitz Lee
Co-Conveners, Asian & Pacific American Coalition for Fair Redistricting

Join APAC at: www.apacsd.orgfacebook.com/APACSD, Twitter @APACSD.